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AJ Lovelace is a Los Angeles-based award-winning director, cinematographer, writer, actor & photographer. AJ is a Webby Award Honoree whose work has been featured in publications such as the New York Post and Deadline. AJ credits his rich cultural background as the child of immigrants for his imaginative curiosity. With his artistic career beginning as a portrait painter at seven years old, AJ continues to tell the stories that he sees on the faces of his subjects through film and photography. Communicating the stories of marginalized peoples is steadily at the core of AJ’s creative pursuits. He enjoys collaborating with diverse teams on stories that elevate his creative and technical abilities.  

The intensely authentic and immersive cinematic experiences he creates have earned him acclaim across North America, Asia, and Europe. AJ is driven by a deep passion for highlighting the beauty of life, including its darkest corners, for furthering humanity. 


“I hope that my work allows others to feel seen and elicits emotional reflection in all people.” - AJ Lovelace

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